Website Development

We are experts in helping new businesses having a presence on the web. We specialize in building high end high quality web sites for businesses, clubs, societies and personal use. We offer a comprehensive range of web development services enabling us to create virtually any online product or service. As an Internet consultancy with over 5 year’s experience, we provide a complete web service running from start to finish. We are experienced web developers who can assure you quality. We also offer various different service plans to ensure that your web project runs smoothly is entirely hassle-free, this leaves you free to continue with your normal business activities. All of our web based products are tested to be accessible to the highest levels this includes users on a range of browsers, screen resolutions and operating systems. Each web based project usually follows these steps:

Planning & Consultancy:

Making sure we understand your requirements accurately and exactly what you want to achieve is paramount. Our team will work closely with you to discuss and plan your project with you. Successful completion of the planning stage is crucial to ensure the project runs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Quotation & Contract:

Prior to any work going ahead, we will provide you with a full quotation based on your project brief. Once we have your go ahead on the project, you will be provided with a contract, along with our terms of business. This confirms to both parties what work is to be done, the pricing, timeframe and terms.

Design Process:

The design process is first stage of the actual project build and will enable you to envisage how your web project with look, once complete. We usually will provide you with a number of different samples to begin with, based on your requirements, then based on your feedback we will continue the design process until a final design is agreed.

Build Stage:

The project build will only go ahead once the design has been approved by you and the timeframe for this will be stated on your quotation. Usually you will not be required at this stage until a completed product/service is ready for your proofing. Again this step will repeat until the final product/service is finished.

Setup & Implementation:

Once the project build is complete, the product/service will be ready to go live. Please note, we will never launch any type of project without your authorization first, so once you give us the go ahead, we will be ready to launch.

Content Management:

Ensuring your content is always up to date and accurate is also extremely important. We offer 3 types of management for most projects: Self-service Updates, Monthly Updates or Ad-Hoc Updates.

.Net Web Development

Microsoft .NET technology connects information, people, systems and devices, and also connects a wide range of personal and business technologies, enabling the access of important information, anytime and anywhere it is needed. .NET enables both current and new applications to connect with software and web application to the services across platforms, applications and programming languages. Our...
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PHP Web Application Development

PHP is a scripting language that is extensively used for web development to create dynamic, flexible, interactive and compelling Web pages but not limited to web development only. This is a general purpose language where a PHP source code is planted into HTML source code and translated by the Web server through a PHP engine module. The outcome is generation of a Web page document. PHP environment involves...
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